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Birthdate:May 14
Clan Techie, usually just referred to as Techie had another name once, back before he became the literal eyes of Ma-Ma's operation. Prior to coming under her employ, he officially worked for Peach Trees central control, but he was also a hacker on the side, which was how he really made his living.

Until he stumbled across something he shouldn't have, saw something better left unseen. It was what Ma-Ma took his eyes for.

The infection from the removal nearly killed him, considering that she'd used her bare hands to do it, and while the bionic replacements were top of the line, his system still tried to reject them. Working for her was only barely better than being dead, because working for her left him with the hope, however dim, that he might get away eventually even despite the fact that her usual means of motivating him was the threat of a death by slow-bleed via a knife to the gut.

He didn't necessarily have to be in the control room to access the building's surveillance thanks to the implants, but he preferred it there because it kept him out of everyone else's path, something he learned early on as a survival tactic.

He's not entirely sure what to do with his newfound freedom, or if it's even going to last.

[Techie is from the 2012 film Dredd, the face in the icons belongs to Domnhall Gleeson and none of these things are mine. I'm just here for fun and games.]
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